The power of Micro Finance
with a heart for low income community

Social Business & Credit Capital

Creating a positive social impact by addressing social problems such as poverty, health, education and environment. We empower our members by enabling them easy access to loans to start or expand their businesses and improve their living conditions while manage their risks.

Wanted members

Hard working and reliable persons with a project, willing to become part of our community.

What our members say

Nancy Jerop,

Hotel Owner.

“When I heard of this company from my fellow women group members and the need to join, I was first nervous, and I thought it was like any other company which exploits its members but after we joined together, I was able to get a loan which I used to set up a hotel business. From this, I’m able to educate my three children, and to cater for other bills such as water, electricity, etc. I’m so happy, and I’d like to appreciate Vincent and the management of the company at large and hoping they will continue lifting more needy people. Thank you.”

Rosemary Chemutai,

chicken business.

“When Vincent first visited Kenya and I welcomed him in my humble home, I was so nervous and sad with the state of my place. But with time, through the help of the company, I am now living in my own house and in my own land and I also have broiler chicken business and my son is also employed by the company and now our life is far much better. All thanks to VINCENT AND SON LIMITED COMPANY,” 

Mercy Mugo,


“When Vincent Chepkwony first introduced this company to me, I really did not believe in him as it is exceedingly rare for any money lending institution to put their customer first and not make extra money out of them. But the company has enabled me to buy a new laptop to work online sufficiently and now they also bought me a car which I use for taxi as well as carry old packaging materials for recycling.  This has positively made my life great as I am now in a better position with my kids than before. Thank you, Vincent, and thank you VINCENT AND SON LIMITED COMPANY,” 


Nakuru, Kenya.
Other Locations coming soon.

Email Address

[email protected]


WhatsApp  0799473054