About Vincent & Son

Our social enterprise provides micro finance solutions to low income communities while helping them build assets and financial literacy. We believe that access to credit and financial services can empower people to overcome poverty and improve their livelihoods. We offer loans, savings, insurance and other products that are tailored to the needs and capacities of our clients. Our goal is to create a positive social impact while ensuring financial sustainability and scalability.


Help people help themselves using the power of social business and credit capital.
We are committed to integrity, excellence, and trust, we provide comprehensive credit capital services designed to navigate today’s complexities and build tomorrow’s opportunities.


Positively touch the life of one million people by 2032 and create a strong community.
As stewards of social business and credit capital well-being, our vision is to cultivate a culture of empowerment, resilience, and abundance, where every interaction strengthens trust, fosters growth, and inspires confidence in tomorrow’s possibilities.

Our core values

People over money, trust
Integrity: Honesty and transparency is crucial with us. We uphold high ethical standards in all dealings with customers, partners, and regulators to builds trust and credibility.
Financial Inclusion: We promote financial inclusion by providing access to credit for
marginalized communities. This involves offering loans and products tailored to the needs of diverse community segments and ensuring accessibility.

Become part of our community

We are looking for people who are hardworking and reliable on a project and are interested in joining our community.

Meet Our Team


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